Struggle isn’t for everybody…

by Guillaume Kozakiewiez

                                                         ©.Mille et Une. Films / Need Productions


2011 • documentary • 85 minutes

director Guillaume Kozakiewiez • cinematographer and sound Guillaume Kozakiewiez • editing Susana Rossberg and Guillaume Kozakiewiez • sound mixing Alexandre Hecker 

Naiara, a 16 years old teenager, gazes at a heap of ruins which was once a camp full of hope before being destroyed by the government.

This place was the symbol of the fight for emancipation of the landless peasant farmers from Brasil. This place was also the school where Naiara understood that an other path existed. That’s where she fell in love with a revolutionnary cause leading to the prospect of a dignified life.

Armed with her will and her innocence, Naiara begins the struggle.

The film accompanies this young militant until she turns 18…


A coproduction .Mille et Une. Films / Need Productions.

With support from Région Bretagne and Champagne-Ardenne, Procirep - Société des producteurs and Angoa.


Sélections in festivals : États généraux du documentaire de Lussas 2011, Traces de Vies 2011, Festival du film d'éducation d'Evreux 2011, Millenium 2012, Ecollywood 2012