By Guillaume Kozakiewiez

                                                             ©.Mille et Une. Films / TV Rennes 35


2007 • Documentary • 68'

author-director Guillaume Kozakiewiez • director of photography Guillaume Kozakiewiez • sound Guillaume Lozakiewiez • editing Kamel Maad, Gisèle Rapp-Meichler et Guillaume Kozakiewiez • music Hervé Birolini • photo Grégoire Korganow


"Leonarda" is a movie about an encounter in Belarus, between a great-grandson and his foremother.The film-maker, a "capitalist wanderer" and the old woman, a catholic small farmer build an unlikely but magical couple. Together they live these moments as a privileged time, away from everything.But, over the journeys and the seasons, both realities  come back to them and, little by little, the magic withdraws.


Coproduction .Mille et Une. Films / TV Rennes 35.

With CNC / Région Bretagne / Procirep-Angoa.


Etats généraux du film documentaire Lussas 2007 • Traces de vie 2007 • Douarnenez 2008 • Festival Jean Rouch 2009.